Carnival Games

tentOur red and white striped game booths create a colorful, festive atmosphere that will really attract a crowd! Our selection of carnival games includes both games of skill and chance, appealing to adults as well as the youngest players. Players can win stuffed animals, sports novelties and toys. When you think party games, think Fun1 carnival games!

  • Alley Oops
    Ping pong balls are rolled down an inclined table into numbered partitions. Prizes are awarded according to total score.
  • Alien Bean Bag Throw
    Throw beanbags at the alien mouth. Get beanbags in mouth and win prize. Simple skill, plays fast. Also known as cornhole, the bean bag throw is a hit!
  • At The Races
    And they’re off….pick your favorite pig and watch him oink to the finish line. Up to four players can race at a time. Good for all ages.
  • Ball Bingo
    Ten balls are thrown into tub with 25 holes. Object is to make double or single bingo. Skill game. Plays with moderate speed. Teen and adult game.
  • Bank Shot
    Player must hit cue ball with stick to hit backside of board and return to land into one of two holes at front of board. Good teen/adult game.
  • Basketball
    Player gets 3 shots at freestanding basketball hoop. Good for all ages.
  • Can Can
    Good action skill game. Player uses beanbags to knock cans off special platform. Popular with ages over 10.
  • Chicken Flinger – New!
    Chicken Flinger is loads of fun for all ages. Kids love catapulting the rubber chickens into chef’s pot. And you’ll love it too.
  • Cover the Spot – New!
    Player drops five discs – must cover red circle completely to win.
  • Clown Bean Bag
    Throw beanbags at the clown mouth. Get beanbags in mouth, win prize. Simple skill plays fast. Another cornhole favorite!
  • Color Ball
    Player selects color. Ball is thrown and if it lands in selected color, you win.
  • Crazy Hat – New!
    Player tosses whiffle ball into top of the hat to win – one in wins.
  • Color Match
    Player is given three balls to try to match color of ball to hole of same color.
  • Duck Pond
    Excellent child’s game. 2 or more can play at once. Player selects duck from tank and wins prize every time.
  • Five Pin Bowl
    Player slides pucks on board with 5 pins. Object is to knock down all the pins. Play is fast and popular with the youth.
  • Flip A Frog
    Player uses mallet to flip a stuffed frog into a bucket. Three frogs in the bucket and the player wins. Very unique skill game.
  • Frog Flinger
  • Giant Bottle Ring
    Player gets 3 rings. Ring one life size Pepsi Bottle and win a prize. Good skill game.
  • Golf Challenge
    Player gets one shot to get a hole in one with Velcro balls that stick to canvas style golf course.
  • Golf Game (straight)
    Player gets one shot at getting a hole in one. Good for all ages.
  • Golf Game (L Shaped)
    Player gets one shot at getting a hole in one. Good for all ages.
  • Gone Fishing
    This game appeals to young and old. Try to catch the Puffer Fish resting in the canvas. The magnet on the end of the pole makes it easy for the little ones to pick up the fish.
  • Horse-Shoe
  • Kool Pool
    Player must knock coin off cue ball so that it lands outside of circle to win prize. Good, fast, teen to adult game.
  • Milk Can Toss
    Wiffle balls are thrown into standard size milk can. Difficult skill game.
  • Monkey Toss
    Player throws plastic bananas at backdrop with picture of life size monkey on it. Three bananas through the hole, wins. Good action, skill game.
  • Plinko
    Drop a round disc down a wooden board with wooden pegs, and add your numbers up to win.
  • Potty Toss
    Player tosses three wiffle balls into potty. All three in, you are the winner. Plays fast, great for all ages
  • Quack Attack
    3 beanbags given to player. Try to knock down those ducks. Plays fast, great for all ages.
  • Quarterback Toss
    Player tosses 3 nerf footballs at backdrop of lifesize football player. If ball is thrown through the hole 3 times, player wins. Good action, skill game.
  • Ring TossNew!
  • Rodeo RoperNew!
    Yippee and Yeee-haw! Longhorn Lasso is a blast! Kids and adults will have a rip-roarin’ time trying to lasso the bull’s head!
  • Roller Bowler
  • 7 – 11
    Wiffle balls are thrown into a tub with numbered holes. Any combination equaling 7 or 11 wins prizes. Two can play at once. Good teen/adult game.
  • Skee RollNew!
  • Slap Shot
    Player uses mini hockey stick and shoots puck into net. Prizes are awarded by number of goals made.
  • Soccer Kick
  • Sombrero Toss
    Sombrero Toss is perfect for the little ones and yet is just as much fun for adults. Sombrero Toss challenges the player to toss the sombreros onto one of the three jumping bean characters.
  • SpongeBob
    Throw beanbags at SpongeBob’s mouth. Get beanbags in mouth, win prize. All ages. It’s cornhole, SpongeBob style!
  • Sport Wheel
    Player chooses football team from lay-down and places chip on it. Worker spins the wheel with the matching teams. If team comes up, player wins.
  • Taz Bean Bag
    A very popular young child’s game using bean bags thrown through the Tasmanian Devil’s mouth. Simple skill, plays fast.
  • Tic Tac ToeNew!
    Truly a Carnival classic! Great for all ages, but especially popular with smaller children.
  • Tip The Clown
    Very popular skill game using wiffle balls thrown at clown targets. The number of clowns knocked downed by player determines the prize.
  • Treasure Chest
    A selected key is tried in lock of a “pirate” treasure chest. If key opens lock, player gets choice from the chest. Young child’s game.
  • Tweety Bean Bag
    Beanbags are thrown through Tweety bird’s mouth. Popular child’s game, plays fast. Simple skill.
  • Twin Hoops
    Two basketball hoops side by side and the player must make a basket in each hoop to win. A variation of the basketball game. Good for all ages.
  • Whack A Rat
    Player gets 3 shots to know down a mouse hole shaped door. When knocked down a bell will ring. Knock down all three doors to win.

Elaborate Games

  • Dunk Tank
    dunk tank
  • Easy Striker
  • 9 Hole Miniature Golf Course
  • Inflate A Hoop
  • Speed Pitch